About Maya

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The Maya Center’s principles of delivering health and wellness care are founded on the wisdom that we are complex physical-mental-emotional-spiritual beings; and that true well-being requires the interplay of healing body, mind, and spirit. We believe that each individual carries a unique innate higher wisdom, a deep inner strength, and exceptional human potential. These are all resources we awaken and strengthen to facilitate the Self in healing, inner growth, and self-discovery.

We invite you to stop by regularly, read and interact with us on our blog posts, visit the Maya Center for Integrated Medicine website, and come and stay with us awhile at The Maya Retreat Center.  Our goal is to help you find Divinely perfect well-being, balance, happiness, and success, and we have alot of fun doing it. Take a gander through some of our photos below; just a sampling of the many fun things we do at Maya.


Maya regularly includes “active play” in all of our retreats. The ability to be free, to explore again like children, and to laugh, is immensely healing. There never seems to be a moment when laughter is not a part of our “therapy”  here.

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We can be serious too, if need be. Meditation, yoga, and ceremony are integral parts of the Maya experience


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