By and Through You: Love Achieves All


We live in a world focused on materialism and monetary gain. There is absolutely nothing “wrong” with having things and achieving success & abundance. But true abundance comes through the art of living and serving through Love. When we operate through Love, then we open our lives to much greater prosperity: family, friends, happiness in our work, balance in our physical and emotional health, and financial success.

We are committed to bringing you balance in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and  financial life.   Ponder how you have allowed love to flourish everything in your life. Check in with us and let us know what is working for you, and where love has yet to fill the gaps.

In love, light, & Gaia.

My Why: The raw story behind the Maya Center development

We all have stories, but we are not our stories. We are not labels, we are not what we own, what we are titled, or who we are with. We are beings here to be in light, love, and to share that with the world. Please watch my story. Yes- it’s in the dark as the sun comes up, and yes the video does lighten up some. But the truth is, its ok to tell your story in the dark!

North of the Andes: Setting Intentions

This is the first in our series of “Maya Moments”; video snippes on topics of inspiration, motivation, love, and consciousness. I am new to videography- so bear with me as I grow and evolve in this process!

Do you believe you have the capability to generate and manifest your dreams? How often do you underestimate your capabilities, putting limits on what you can have and achieve? This is a mindset that does not serve us well.
Today was my journey to the Alpaca farm, with a single focus of intention- to preview and possibly purchase two alpacas for our retreat center property. But, what the universe had in store for me, was something far more grand. I discovered that the owners of the alpaca farm had many similar life experiences – and that we shared many common bonds. They live life fully and understand the importance of doing so. But I also found we had similarities in our work lives and this led to potential future collaboration. So while I may have thought that I was going to look at alpacas, in reality the universe wanted me to meet these lovely people and expand my connections in a whole new way. What a blessed gift! Here I was limiting myself when other magic was aloft!

Entering Merkabah: Crystal Emergence

star of david merkabah

The crystalline matrix is described in a sequential pattern that exists within the realm of the conscious mind. The matrix services to transport and transform. transport higher vibrational frequencies into the core while re-activing from within. To transform the being of essence of light into one that ‘s genetic composition is now crystalline based, this allows for healthier being, longevity, communication and transportation- or teleportation.

Crystalline matrices have been uploaded all over the world, and exist in pure form in other planetary formations. you are by far not alone in the cosmic field of consciousness . You are but one race among many living within the unified field.

The downloading or uploading of the new crystalline structures brings with it some variable physical manifestations including; headaches, severe dizziness, light-headedness, humming or buzzing in the ears and mind, a feeling of exhaustion and mental fog, nausea and an inability to have clarity. Along with these symptoms are those musculature including, mild tremors or shakiness, muscle fatigue.
What does it all mean to you in practical terms? It means that the next evolution of your race has arrived and is forming and transforming itself into a higher order species. It means that you have heeded your own calls to deliver freedom, spiritual expansion, and love; to a race that was dying. It means that now we (as a higher being of light) will control the balance in order to progress to certainty.
Sensitivity, sensation this is our primary mode of communication. It is through the touch of a loved one, through the communication with a loved one. This is our symmetry with the field, our resonance. we communicate through sensation, which sends emotion and vibrational wave form out to the field. Through sensation wave form is emitted and carried .

In the crystalline world all communication will be heightened, feelings will become more sensitive, passions and emotions more profound, influence of one to another will be felt from the gentlest touch of emotion to the most intense. all will be carried in waves of energy and there will be nothing that does not influence our beings. the statement we are one- will have profound meaning and ring truthful to all, for all will be felt by the collective mass. The understanding in the new dimension will be to be a collective whole. to work together collectively to build harmony, unity, and mutual love and concern for all.
Relationships with each other, with nature, with all in the collective take on new meaning- as the gentleness and essence of each being vibrates gently before you, is such delicate wave form like a gentle sea urchin whispering along in the tidal current.
It is this new gentleness that will bring forth profound change in your world. this gentleness will be the underlying current for all work, for all creation. the utmost goal is to see, accept, and honor the gentleness of the new wave form of love- which will shine radiantly through.
Some will have challenges accepting this new art form of communication and feeling, but it will soon become an accepted way to be, as there will be no one who is not influenced by it’s feel or it’s sensation.
The crystalline structure carries mathematical precision and structure, and it is the points of each that magnify and reach across the chasms of space and time to bring inter-connectedness to us all such that when you believe or perceive an event is happening, the points magnify and send across the field of consciousness, emitting light and waves or rays- such that you perceive an event that in essence has already happened!

On the days surrounding the cosmic Merkabah; utilize your crystalline structures of clear quartz, rutilated quartz, and amethyst. Allow them to embed the new crystalline energies and use them as healing tools to aide in your transformation. Your rutilated quartz will assist in the shift of energies within your being; your clear quartz will enhance, amplify, and balance the transmissions; and the amethyst will enhance the cosmic Merkabah connection between you and the higher beings of light.

Celebrate these days with your whole heart and being. Honour your being of light and ask that all you seek shall be shown to you.
Release, let go, fall and be held; there is no mechanism of defeat. The cosmic light radiantly shines.

The Ancient Masters

The Final Hurrah


Say Goodbye to your ego. The last hurrah is upon us.

There is no more room for the egocentric limitations of the body-mind. The ego is  leaving the “building” of your body, and it will not return.

There is no more space for limitation and lack, unworthiness, and withholding. There is no more space for doubt and fear, and resistance. The shift has occurred and your ego is being ushered away.

The vortex of ego is being filled with divine light and love; the offerings of which are unlimited potentiality, unlimited blessings, unimaginable love, laughter, peace and joy.  This newly created energetic space interwoven into your physical being, is that of divine grace.

Those moments you squander with your being in fear of the unknown, restrict your essence to the limited structure of your own physical comforts.  You hold yourself and the universe in hostage; by not freeing and allowing who you truly are, as divine being..

Open the doors that bind you and release the true essence of your being. Try it on like a flowing cape- and let the potential unfold.  Those first few moments of release will be with great trepidation, as the freedom and truth oozes in. Fear may rise, ego may return; but alas the return is brief and in a blast of power; the box that bound you explodes, shattering into pieces flung far and wide. The ego is gone and your essence is free. You are free to roam the clouds of the universe, knowing is some deep way, that you will not fall, and you will not fail. There has never been failure.

Breathe into the essence of your freedom and your true source, allow the divinity to unfold. For all awaits patiently for you, once the door of freedom has been opened.

Say goodbye, as you soar.

Vesak- Bringing Blessings & Spiritual Revelations Upon the Earth



The spirit in its innermost self remembers beautiful worlds
Beyond all the recollections abides an inexpressible, firm consciousness
Of the possibility of return to the light
Whence the spark emanated.

We arrive upon the most auspicious of days of the Tibetan Buddhist calendar year, the Vesak Full Moon. This full moon hails the great Eastern celebration of Vesak (Vaiśākha- Sanksrit), commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. Vesak is a sacred ceremony, that takes place each year between the Buddha, the Christ, and the united spiritual hierarchy of Ascended Masters to pour forth a blessing upon earth.

In honour, pilgrims from surrounding districts gather in celebration in the Himalayan valley range of Wesak Tibet. As legend states, also gathering among them is a group of great spiritual ascended masters, that are the custodians on Earth of God’s plan for humanity. This group of ascended masters, the  “knowers of divinity”, are the primary participants in this sacred festival. On this holy night, it is told that the forces of enlightenment, which emanate from the heart of God, flow outward into human consciousness.

This festival is a gift, for those here on earth; it is a day-night of immense spiritual impact.  Legend has it that the Vesak festival itself forms into a channel for the transmission of power, and blessings from the levels on which the Buddha may be found.  Buddha acts as a focal point for that power and as such passes his power through his aura, pouring blessings over all of humanity.  The energy blessing transmitted is that of the divine principle of love-wisdom; expressions both of Buddha and Christ. In unity of East and West; Buddha and Christ bring light, spiritual revelation, peace to earth. Legend tells that the energy body of the Buddha descends to a level close to the physical plane so that humans can benefit from the tremendous love that he radiates.

The Buddha recognized that at the core of the human experience is an energy, a potential.  This spark is our divinity which does not exist separately for it is the essence of Life itself.  It is, and always has been, and forever shall be.  And the point of the human experience is to wake up consciously to this indwelling life and give oneself to it, without reservation or hesitation or conditions.

There are many ways to celebrate in this profound blessing of the day; through puja: reverent offerings, singing, and prayers. One of the most noble ways to recognize and celebrate Vesak is to practice peace and loving-kindness. On this day especially, bring happiness to others; particularly those less fortunate, aged, or infirm. Celebrate and practice peace and harmony.



Kadampa Center

Tsem Rinpoche

Journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet

Photograph: Crystal Links


Descension Into Living Consciousness


I have been existing in a transient state, moving in and out of reality, consciousness, and time. “Hours” become lost; things I was informed of days ago are “new and breaking events” today. The field of timelessness has become unveiled. Clarify of information arrived as it always does, but this time in the form of another’s vision; leading me into a deeper transcendent state to receive Divine wisdom.

We (you) are not merely ascending and awakening to the higher vibrational energy patterns/forms; that is only part of the process of transformation.  We (you) must descend as well. There exists a spectrum of energetic flow, and polarity is present in all things; therefore we must ascend and descend.  What this means is that as you are grasping your tools in your awakened state, you will then go into a transcendent state- one in which there is a stillness, a voidness, and a numbness. Within this state- you will process (integrate)  your ascension aspects into your physical being, and your body will harmonize and materialize forming new crystalline DNA structures.  However, as you so do; you must begin a descension process, to bring your transformative awakened state into the physical world and work within it. You will do so in your own unique way.  That means that you will also learn to “re-live” your life from a transformed, altered dimension- of both ascension and descension.

Our Living will be based on love and vibration; honour and respect for every living being, every living organism, and every living creation- be it rock, stone, river, tree, dirt, air, person, building, mechanical thing. There is no thing that is without vibratory frequency; from whence it came and derived- its source is vibration. Therefore it is to be revered.

Our living will be based on higher order consciousness; on decision making that honours the will, need and love for all. We will re-create the dynamic operating system (your governing body); and it shall sustain itself.

Our living will be based on sustenance of Self and Gaia through her original source. So our efforts to protect her waters, earth, and air are paramount. Living will be sustainable, renewable, “green”, clean, safe, and sourced through the Sun and Self energy source.

Our living will be increasing harmonious balance with and within Gaia, bringing equanimity and resonance with all others for the grander whole. As we are whole.  The work of transformation bringing both ascension and decension.

Our living will be in the knowledge that we are creations of Divine Cosmic Source, and we are part of a larger, grander cosmic system than we could have imagined our dreamed. Our return home has arrived. We are home, yet many have not yet seen with their hearts to know this truth. Your planetary relations are present and becoming increasingly known to many of you.

Your individual expression of your work  NOW cannot be more important. ALL that you do, in every moment brings forth the  global ascension-decension  process and assists those who cannot yet see; whom have not begun to ascend. 

Yet we see, many of you are fighting, are speaking out with sound mind and voice about your view of “the wrongs of the world”. it is right to speak for the benefit of all beings, but we offer another perspective.  When that message lacks honor and respect for the individual who remains lost and unseeing; therefore lacking love, then the message is as equally lost.  There are many who have obtained power, taken from you, many who have chosen to lead at expense of the hands, minds, hearts, and souls of the masses. While your anger may feel real, the polarization of this emotion is not healing. Wrongs are being corrected, healing is occurring. To work and speak for the benefit of “being-kind” (rather than human-kind) means to know that even those committing ” wrongs”, need and deserve our love, our healing prayers, and our vibrations to raise them to seeing-awareness.

There can be no greater power than offering love to those with whom you have become polarized. For in so doing, polarity shifts, negativity wanes and balance arises. In fact, without this scale of polarity the evolutionary changes may  not have occurred. So can you see, that each individual is playing a part in this evolution?

Imagine that the world is playing in the grandest sporting event, and this event is being observed by the entirety of existence; and the event is reaching a crescendo; the anticipation, exhilaration, exhaustion and uncertainty- have mesmerized and magnetized the entirety of the planetary systems.  All are watching, all are cheering, and all are rooting for the brilliance in the performance of every single being. The outcome is global and cosmic celebration beyond a scale of understanding.  While you may believe you are a mere cosmic dust in this performance, we remind you that each particle of cosmic dust (you) have and continue to play meaningful roles in this grand performance of evolution, creation, ascension, decension.

Our cosmic universe is balancing its energetic mass with massive solar flares, extremes in polarity (ascension and decension), and global collective consciousness.  There has never been a grander experience than that which is occurring now. There has never been a universal song of healing, of love, of change in such magnitude as being experienced NOW.

Bring love, be love, live in love.

The Ancient Masters


My role to play here on Gaia is to model, teach and integrate both the ascension and decension processes; to teach  LIVING in Higher Consciousness. Through living in higher consciousness, we heal Gaia, we heal ourselves, and we heal the entire universal cosmic system.

Dr. Jeanette O’Conor PhD, MS, MN

Photography: Joanne Delabruere;

Living In Bodhisattva: Atisa & The Practice of Selflessness



Atiśa;  was a Buddhist teacher from the Pala Empire who was one of the figures in the establishment of the Sarma  lineages in Tibet. One of his greatest lessons was discovering the wisdom to perceive the connection of Self to all others; to awaken the heart, and to transform suffering into healing loving compassion.

In Atisa’s early practice, he desired to achieve his full potential of enlightenment in the fastest and most direct way.  As the story was told, one day, as Atiśa considered practicing his tantra with all the energy he could summon; as he did so, he was confronted by the contending voice of the Black Mountain Yogi appearing to him in a dream. The Yogi advised him to take his time through steady practice in order to achieve the enlightenment he was seeking, and that he should endeavor to become a spiritual seeker.

Atiśa followed this advise, and was formally declared a monk under an ordination of the great Śīlarakṣita, and given the new name of Dīpaṃkara Śrījñāna, meaning “He Whose Deep Awareness Acts as a Lamp.  But even as a monk, Atisa continued to yearn for the fastest and most direct means of attaining perfect enlightenment. He made a pilgrimage and while he was circumambulating a great stupa, he had a vision consisting of two materializations of Tārā:  One asked the other what the most important practice for attaining enlightenment was, and the other duly replied that “the practice of bodhichitta supported by loving kindness and great compassion is most important”.

Atisa  followed the visionary wisdom, for the following twelve years studied bodhicitta. Through this time he developed the practice of Tongleng meditation,  where he then traveled to Tibet to bring this practice.

Bodhicitta is the practice of training the mind, and bringing an awareness of the heart at this moment, striving towards awakened consciousness. Bodhicitta is the feeling and connectivity that is generated when we allow ourselves to be compassionate, and awakened of the heart to interconnectedness of Self and the world.  Atisa found this through Tongleng meditation. Tongleng meditation   transforms negative energy into loving and healing energy by considering others as equal to ourselves and exchanging ourselves and others. The focus is on giving and receiving; giving away our own happiness as we breathe out and taking in the sufferings of others as we breathe in.  The principle of taking in the suffering or discord of others on an inbreathe, and spreading joy, harmony, love and peace on an outbreath, allows us to acknowledge the misery and suffering of the world while raising our awareness, consciousness and selflessness.

Atisa claimed that whatever you do, if you lack bodhicitta, your action will be of no use. In a world in need of transformation and healing; healing must begin within ourselves.  If we want to live in a magical world, we must  recognize our interconnectedness;  and to transform the suffering of all others, through living in compassion.    Feel and accept your connection to all others, breathe in their suffering, and breathe out love and harmony,


The beings in all the worlds are numberless, I vow to save them.” Bodhisattva vow

Photography:  by Joanne Delabruere;

Excerpt from “Living In Bodhisattva”; by Dr. Jeanette O’Conor

The Pull of The Solar Eclipse


We are on the eve of the Solar eclipse, a time typically of emotional upheaval, drastic change, and rapid growth.

In ancient times, solar eclipses were often considered inauspicious- evil omens.

In Hindu tradition, Rahu is a cut-off head of an asura (power seeking deity) that swallows the sun causing eclipses. He is depicted in art as a serpent with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses.

According to Hindu legend, during the Samudra manthan, Rahu drank some divine nectar.  When the sun and moon realized it, they alerted Mohini (the female avatar of Vishnu). Before the nectar could pass his throat, Mohini cut off his head. The head, however, remained immortal and became Rahu. It is believed that this immortal head from time to time swallows the sun, causing eclipses. Then, the sun passes through the opening at the neck, ending the eclipse. 

Eclipses mark big changes in our lives, more so with the solar eclipse.  Eclipses can cause resurrection of old historical patterns we thought were long gone, leading to great emotional turmoil. The solar eclipse forces us to be pulled inward towards the darker pole of our psyche to finally accept, let go, and bring balance to a long and deeply held habit, tension, or repressed feeling.

The changes that arise can be seen in our day-to day life, and often involve friends, family, and big events.   A solar eclipse can also be a time revelation; where we have an awareness or insight into people or events we had not seen before. Secrets are revealed and new understandings arise. Therefore, eclipses can mark endings and culmination points in our lives; and this solar eclipse may bring changes in relationships and partnerships; thus shaking things up drastically.  

The solar eclipse is a forceful time; it is an opportunity to cleanse, to evolve, to grow, and to open our hearts to greater loving, compassionate energy.

If you are feeling the emotional upheaval of this solar eclipse, be gentle with yourself. Don’t get caught up in the drama, but don’t ignore your feelings either. This is a time to honour and truly feel the resurrected feelings, go within and finally deal with them. This solar eclipse will show us our polarities: our darkness and our light. Discover the lessons being shown to you, accept, forgive, move on, and grow.

This is the time to illuminate the light within, where the darkness is cast

Gaia’s Gentle Pulse

Standing quietly barefoot, feeling the warmth of the earth, I sense the gentle rhythm of Gaia’s pulse. I pray for blessings as I offer to her my humble beginnings in making a more powerful connection with her.

I stand before you feeling completely inept, not yet understanding your deeper rhythms and flow. But here I am now, kneeling and offering my heart, my soul, and my efforts to create sacred space in the garden of your creation.

I gently feel the earth and notice its density, It is crying out for nourishment, for greater love, for tenderness. I had never noticed until now, this deep longing from Gaia. How could I have missed something so powerful? Yet before me we are humbled together in asking to join our collective energetic forces of love to build a better, stronger more loving earth.

My purpose as I come forward is to learn, to understand her deeper rhythms, to move in gentle harmony with her as if we were dancing together as one. We are ONE, she reminds.

I carefully feel her soil, moving bits through my hands, recognizing that some of her vibrancy is gone. She asks to be nourished, to help her flourish, and she will provide in return.

I turn the soil, seek her guidance, and offer my love to her. She teaches me and I honour her in exchange. Our balance must be kept she gently reminds, our needs lie in her roots, in her movement, in her rhythm.

I commit to Gaia and to myself, that in my work, on my journey; I will bring sacred space of love, nourishment and balance to her.

And so it begins…

(This piece is the beginning of our work at the Maya Center on building and establishing a sustainable ecosystem. Our first project is the creation of a biodynamic garden.)