Letting Go: Dying Consciously


We have such a hold on life. We cling to ideas, material things, and each other. Such clinging, and holding on provides our “meaning and identification” of who we believe we are.  Yet life is about letting go,  experiencing the full measure of each drop of time. Life is the gentle flow of the water, the raging of the river, and the stillness within the pool.

Death is but another bend on the journey in the water’s flow. Death, brings transition, transformation to new form, and frees the Soul into a new realm of existence. This is our greatest moment, to let go and fall into acceptance. We can fight, struggle, and rage against this storm, but we will no longer have control of our physical being.  In this fight, we bring pain and anguish. We can plead, beg, and negotiate; and bring on further mental despair. Or we can enter this new sacred space with gentle peace, allowing acceptance and grace to wash over us.

To die consciously is to bring the fullness of our life, love, and acceptance to our deathbed. To know that we have offered our greatest service through this Divine life, and to honour our journey; by embracing our next adventure, unafraid of where it may lead. To let go at death, is to merge our consciousness with that of Creator, and moving freely again into the cosmic oneness and dwell within the light.

“When a soul is out of the cocoon of the (three) bodies it escapes forever from the law of relativity and becomes the ineffable Ever-Existent. Behold the butterfly of Omnipresence, its wings etched with stars and moons and suns! The soul expanded into Spirit remains alone in the region of lightless light, darkless dark, thoughtless thought, intoxicated with its ecstasy of joy in God’s dream of cosmic creation.”  ~ Sri Yukteswar~ From Autobiography of a Yogi~


Announcing “Reveal The Magic In Your Life”- An Online Workshop & Community


We are so excited to announce our new online program coming soon titled: “Reveal The Magic In Your Life”.

This online program was designed to deeply explore living fully in loving consciousness. Through this program you will tangibly experience the magic the universe has to offer you, while also learning to fully express and create You, and Your highest potential. If you have been searching for a fun, gentle, loving, consciously driven method to reach even greater potential; then you have found it!

This course is designed to be flexible and affordable; allowing you the opportunity to do it at your own pace, or to participate live each week in our interactive, supportive community. The course is led by Dr. Jeanette O’Conor,  an expert in many lifetimes in raising and supporting others to live in full consciousness.  The tools crafted and offered here are designed to push your current beliefs and paradigms, to  open your heart, and to awaken your Soul Being.

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Nature’s Gift


I love the early morning hour; the dawn of a new day.

The air is fresh, and  the breeze is strong today.

All of nature is singing out a song saying “Are you ready?  It’s time, it’s time!”.

Smiling, I listen.

I hear the leaves on the trees in unison saying, its everywhere; all that you seek is everywhere.

I ask, “show me where”?

The tree’s strong voice replies, in me, in my roots, my bark, my branches!

The grass replies- here, in our gentle soft blades.

The leaves sing in unison; in us, with each sway of movement.

The waves in the lake pound and shout, here in each rolling wave!

The sky cries out, here, in the expanse above you, in each soft gentle rolling cloud

The clouds part and show me the light

The light shines, and says “In here”.

Photo: Joanne Delabruere

We Walk This Path ~


Each of us journeys along a path, leading to points unknown. We have meandered, hiked, or been halted; and little have we known of the “true path” that we journey upon. Winding, weaving, stretching, extending, our path has been before and moves on, in unseen ways.

Each step- each action-each response creates new direction. In the endless weaving of our lives we come together in meaning, sharing, loving; or perhaps in anger, fear, or hate. Yet the journey brought us together to our now, to the place WE reside. As our journey unfolds, you or I may understand few of its pieces, yet the greater story of WE is untold.

WE walk this journey, WE walk this same path together. Together we meet the mountain that breaks us. Together we feel the stones thrown upon us, and together we feel the flowers beneath us. WE travel this path, and the experiences of pleasure and pain are the same for each of us; for we are together collectively. Yet we feel and believe we receive the experiences individually & differently. We each make marks upon the path, leaving our unique foot prints. Our marks are there for all, and we become the marks, the scars, the guides, that lead the way.

Every action, thought, and feeling creates a mark- a foot print upon our collective path. We lay these markers down for each other; and through this journey together, WE create the way. While we may not recognize it, but WE walk the path together collectively and individually we may place any form of marker – or foot print we choose. We may place a rough stone, a gentle flower, a weathered log, or a boulder; and in so doing this mark becomes a guide; our unique signature to guide or stop others along the way.

Our collective path does not need to be lined with rough edges, sharp stones, and rugged terrain. Our path of now is created from our collective signatures, our foot prints of life. Which signature will you place upon our path?


Maya Center:   http://www.mayaretreatcenter.com; http://www.mayactr.org

Photograph: Joanne Delabruere

The Land of Oppression, The Path of Compassion


Across the globe, the song of Spirit rises up. The song of hope, that we are setting ourselves free and truly beginning to understand who we are as a human race of consciousness.

Yet all over the world today, rights are being violated, through word, action, or subversive means. Every moment in the day someone cries out in anguish from the pain, suffering, or injustice being endured at the hand or word of another. The rights of individuals to live their truths as expressed through their sexuality or identity, are being persecuted by uneducated minds with singular focus. The rights of individuals to live freely, in expression of religion or spiritual beliefs are persecuted by those with opposing beliefs; raising threats and generating fear. The rights of individuals to live and work in communities of their choice are threatened , because the “new or different” don’t belong–they are perceived as outsiders who don’t fit within the parameters of the community model. The rights of individuals to live safely, freely, and in health, are threatened by those choosing to usurp individual rights for financial gain and power.

How can we live in this world during this time of immense upheaval, while holding on to our higher truths and our unique and individual selves? How can we continue on our journey when the road is being paved in shards of glass?

Our response must be compassion and peace.

Walking the path of peace and compassion is the highest road traveled; yet this often brings the greatest challenges. This path requires us to confront our demons. It requires us to stand before our tormentor, and to bow in reverence. It requires us to honor our oppressor, recognizing that he is no different than we are; he is merely travelling a different path. The path of peace and compassion requires us to see deeply into the eyes and soul of another, and to bow to the humanity within. This is our greatest task at hand. We are being violated, mistreated, misunderstood, and abused. Our response must come through a full and open heart filled with peace and compassion. We cannot defend ourselves and raise consciousness through violent means. We cannot ask others to understand us when we respond with equal threat or fear. We can only raise consciousness and humanity through acts of love and understanding. We must stand firm in who we are as individuals, in our spiritual and religious beliefs and practices, and in our rights to live in peace, health, and prosperity.

Honour your being, your truth, and your individuality. As you rise up, stand firm; see those who oppose you through the lense of consciousness- we are all beings of equal light.

Winds of Change


The winds are roaring through the tree tops bringing change in all forms. Every aspect of nature in her magnificence is undergoing transformational rebirth. We are merging through a preparatory state, making ready for the wisdom to come. Let the winds remind us of all that we are, and will become again. As the winds tear through the energy fields, its force removes the illusory thoughts, beliefs, and actions that no longer serve us. The winds shall “clear the air” creating a path for us; making ready for our next leg in the journey of life.

The Early Dawn

ImageThere lie moments of profound stillness, peace and tranquility. Those moments of divine glory when the gentle sun arises slowly over the quiet soft land. Hues of red and orange radiate within the golden beams of light. Energy here is peaceful, serene, untouched.  Quiet mist gently rolls away leaving a sense of angelic presence. The time of early dawn, the time of magical sacred balance.

Stillness, Peace, Tranquility. These are the gifts of the moment, the gifts of early dawn. They are the messengers of integration; this period in our evolutionary process where we learn to absorb the changes, review the past, and hold onto the prospect of your future. Stillness, peace, tranquility, these are the messengers of our future.

These messengers are creating a more divine cosmic order; one of balance, harmony and blessedness to all. This is the early dawn, the hour of arising.

The early dawn, is the early morning hour of a new day.  The early morning dawn is reflective of peace and tranquility. In this hour lies the energy of complete stillness, when all is at ONE, at peace, and at rest.  Your light within is at rest during this early dawn. You have undergone transformation, awakening to your new “day” – your beginning stages of divination. Your being has moved from physical chaos, to energetic clearing; creating the new essence of awakening. The early dawn allows for such cleansing; it is the time of deep sleep of the universe, and at the same moment- the time of deep internal restoration and healing.

Ourselves, our earth, our atmosphere, our cosmic galaxy is restoring and healing. All essence is changing, cleansing.  During our early dawn of peace, our work is to allow deep healing and cleansing at all levels within our lives.  Your work during this sacred time of the early dawn is to allow the cleansing and releasing of toxicity in all of its forms. Release the relationships that harm and do not serve the higher self or greater good. Release the work that is destructive, unfulfilling, and  inharmonious with your true nature.  Cleanse and heal the environment where you live- through setting right those damaged things, to removing dead and destroyed items.  Heal your natural surroundings by creating harmonic balance within your home and yard.  Bring nature back to rightful place of honour and respect, by going out within your yard or land, and respecting the presence that lies await for you.

Release and heal the residual toxicities of mind and body that still lie dormant with you. Those that lead you to believe you are anything less than the magnificence that you truly are; those that lead you to limitation of thought or action.   Release all belief structure and thought pattern that does not resonate with highest consciousness;  that you are divine being of God Source; that you are God Source with all of the talents and wonders of creation and manifestation.

As you cleanse your being and environment; you so honour and heal yourself and the energy brought to you. This restoration of self, land, home, work, and relationship allows divination of Self, Earth, and Cosmic Source.  We are all ONE at this sacred hour.