Forgiveness, it may be one of the hardest acts for us to engage in. How do we allow our hearts to release the anguish of long felt pain and heart break in order to be at peace? Why do we permit ourselves to suffer in anguish, our entire life over painful acts from others? Because, we are tender, gentle beings at heart. We all want to be loved, to be accepted, to be seen and heard.

My Momma is working her way through her heartfelt pain, and the anguish & unkindness bestowed upon her. She is seeking a way to forgive, and actually she bears the burden that she was ultimately in the wrong. This stems from a lifetime of feeling unworthy (by her family). It is her own being, she, who she should ultimately forgive. Long ago anguish over family unkindness and mistreatment has burned deep scars in her heart, and it is not her doing; it is their doing.

For the first time, in her very confused state, we spoke of this pain. In presence, I offered love, and let her know she is a beautiful and kind person; and that in all cases, each of us can only do what we can in every moment. At some level, she heard and understood. She has shown such bravery to face her pain, with so little capacity to understand cognitively. Yet, it’s only the heart that needs to understand and forgive.

Through divine love, she is one step closer to finding peace from within.
These are powerful lessons here for us all, to forgive ourselves and others. Find your peace, make amends with your past. Don’t wait until your life is ending to be at peace within yourself. Forgive, find love, and be happy. 💜💜

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