Compassion and the Individual


His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama is a recognized global expert and teacher in the human trait of compassion. He believes, and we agree; that every individual desires a life filled with happiness and contentment. Happiness can be found in many ways, but love and compassion are the primary sources in the development of happiness. During our lives, we all experience some degree of suffering. When an individual becomes ill, suffering is common. It is in these moments that we cherish compassion, and are dependent upon another for support and care. When that caring is provided with sincere love and compassion, the quality of the healing experience and recovery are positively influenced. Every individual, in every interaction seeks to feel valued, respected, understood and appreciated. These feelings are vital to our happiness and well-being, and are critical components to the inter-dependency we share in our health care relationships.  The Dalai Lama outlines this well in his article, “Compassion and the Individual“.

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