The “Eyes of Truth” in Transformation


We swirl in cycles of life, loss, death, transformation, and rebirth. All that withers, or dies, gives rise to the cycle in creating anew.  This process of transformation when observed through the lens of awareness, is an exquisite process of evolution and growth.

Just as the darkness of the chrysalis gives way to the beauty of the monarch butterfly; the wounds that bind us give way to new awareness and understanding. When we become lost in the binding of “our” chrysalis, we lose sight of our process of growth and renewal. We hold fast to our binding, clinging to the darkness that enfolds us, allowing it to enclose us from within. From this small vantage point we are unable to experience our chrysalis as it surrounds us in a blanket of protected comfort.

This phase of darkness and shadow exists in us all. It may come many times, and in many forms throughout this life experience . This chrysalis we create, is our opportunity to see deeply into our “old” being, and to transmute from within, in order to regenerate and recreate ourselves anew. Our chrysalis is our gift to ourselves, our gift to redesign all aspects of our being.

We are experts in this process of transformation. We have died and been reborn through many cycles and life times, through the experiences of pain, trauma, disease, unrest, loss, and suffering. Our deepest challenge inside this created chrysalis, is the loss of our “eyes of truth”, our insight into our highest, most conscious expansive state of existence.  We have lost our vision, and within the dark womb of our chrysalis we are lost, afraid, and alone. In these moments, that we are unable to grasp the truth of our being, our experience of our greatest selves, and our qualities of limitless potentialities.  Within the darkness of this womb, we cannot remember the dream and experience of flight. We suffer, as we only remember our experiences of pain and darkness. Within our chrysalis womb, we cannot experience the vastness of all that is, for we are bound and held firmly in place (by our beliefs).

Through lifetimes of suffering, we have lost our vision, our “eyes of truth”. Yet, consciousness has now evolved collectively, where we may see through the darkness within this womb, into our matrix of complexity. Here we will find the silver threads of our light, threads that unravel the darkness of our created chrysalis; thus unfolding pieces of wisdom and insight. Each silver thread becomes a chain of wisdom, driving us ever deeper into understanding of our greater more expansive selves. As we begin to  “see truly” our light of consciousness grows, and we understand our highest selves.

Our awareness has focused on this small dark space of chrysalis we formed. Yet, with a simple shift in our understanding we recognize that we hang from the vine of an exquisite tree, and as we gently sway, we are waiting to give birth to our divine being. A being so expansive and beautiful, that soon will take flight. With our “true eyes” we see that all that holds us there, is but a mere silver thread that holds our chrysalis to the tree, and that we are wrapped in fine soft layers of silver thread,  holding us within.  If only we had these “eyes” to see our true experience, to know in the most magnificent way that soon we will take flight to glide ever so softly upon the winds.

Oh, how magnificent it would be, if our ” true eyes” could see such a transformation. We would revel in the experience of our silver chrysalis womb, as we eagerly await our new flight.

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