Releasing Fear through Surrender

Fear has been our greatest challenge, and our biggest illusion. Fear stops us, freezing us in places we would rather not be. But why do we reside within fear, why do we allow ourselves to sit in that emotion? I believe we have been so deeply conditioned to know, accept and tolerate fear; that we are numb. Fear is overwhelming, but to evolve and transform we need to move beyond fear, recognizing it for what it truly is. Fear is a conditioned emotion meant to keep you in a regressed-repressed state. Fear, from a physiologic perspective is a biological mechanism of safety.  As a primal response, fear is an organised system to alert and protect you from harm- the primordial fight or flight mechanism within the limbic system. This system has evolved over millions of years, and holds an important role in our life if we view it on the physiological – biological basis alone. But where fear is illusory, and keeps us stuck- is in recognizing and living our true origins, our true selves. Fear prevents us from moving into the realms of greatness, glory and bliss that we so rightly are and deserve. Fear grips our being and we cannot let go. This is where it becomes important to recognize the illusion. We must learn to step into, and surrender, thus learning to let go of the emotion of fear. But when we let go, we are afraid- afraid that we will fall, and thus we don’t let go. If we recognize that fear arises as we are challenged with a new experience- understand that its primary role is one of protection. By recognizing and honouring that role, you can then move through the state of fear, and recognize that by surrendering yourself to the universal flow,  you are in fact allowing further expression of your greatness. When we reside in fear, we block the flow of creative, affirming energy to us. When we release and allow, we bring forth the potentiality, the full expression of what we may be. In this way, fear can be your guide; your trigger for recognizing the greatness that is about to enter- if you surrender into it.

Our concept of fear was aptly described in The Parable of the Trapeze, by Danaan Parry:



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