Hybrid Solar Eclipse & Transformation



Tonight we will experience a rare hybrid eclipse. It will begin with the powerful “ring of fire” around the sun, and then transform into a total solar eclipse. This rare eclipse will not occur again until the years 2172 and 2853 (according to NASA). This powerful eclipse will realign the earth’s electromagnetic field and our own individual energy fields. This electromagnetic solar radiation brings light energy encodings that are literally bio-chemically transforming us into a higher state of consciousness and more loving beings.  This eclipse will helps us to completely remove old paradigms and programs and upload new ones, while at the same time providing intense healing; if we are ready.

We are being assisted on a grand scale, to heal ourselves, to re-pattern and reprogram our cellular DNA. We are being washed with electromagnetic energy that will literally bathe our physical beings in light, washing out old damaged programs and transmitting new, higher patterened sequences.

Of all days, today is the day to declare and manifest your strength and readiness for change. Today declare that you are healed. Today, declare that you will lose every last ounce of old patterns, beliefs and cellular processes that do not meet your highest purpose and good. Today, allow the energies to wash through you and bathe you in new powerful uplifting light. Today, allow the new wisdom, creativity, and insight to break through the field.

Give yourself permission to remove the outer and deeper layers of old baggage, and damaged goods; removing the structures that you have held onto, those which hold you back.  Holding on to our older patterns, will no longer work. Holding on to the patterned security of false and demeaning roles will no longer work. We must let go.

Today we transform ourselves, manifesting our deepest change.  We invite in , the higher light waves, offering new insight into our humanity, into our common connection as one unified field. We heal ancient wounds and forge new bonds of strength.

Solidify your dreams, wishes, and goals. Stand strong in your ability as a powerful BEing to invite and manifest profound change, Welcome this powerful new cellular encodement process; let it move you forward in consciousness and healing.




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