Healing Long Held, Deep Wounds

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We are complex beings having evolved to a point where our environment, society, work, and maybe even home life bombard us with stimuli that create stress, and a false sense of fear & failure. We are being called to move ourselves forward in these times of deep struggle; and you may feel as though you will cave in from the intensity of this struggle.

We believe that long held paradigms and patterns are re-surfacing to bring forth this “last call”; the challenge to rise above and beyond, in order to release and finally let go into the power of who you truly are! Working through long held patterns can cause discord, dis-ease, and disconnect, leaving you feeling lost, alone, and vulnerable.

It is our belief that this is not a process that should be undertaken alone, or without support and guidance. In response to the rising need for support and guidance, we have transformed our healing modalities to uniquely address the challenge of releasing deeply held old wounds. We believe that the wounds many currently carry, are deep -ancestral wounds, requiring a unique perspective on healing, release and resolution.

Over the last three decades, the Maya Center’s healing practices have evolved into a complex and uniquely ancient combination of intuitive diagnostics and healing, energy medicine, and integrative therapies including Jin Shin Do. More recently we have transformed our healing practices to also include intuitive guidance (channeling), along with the ancient wisdom and healing techniques from our ancestral roots of over 480 millions ago.

Our unique location on the oldest known barrier reef in the world gives us direct access to the most ancient of all healing modalities through ancient mother Gaia.  We utilize her deep energetic resonance of healing, along with her ancient fossils to imprint new wisdom and imbue deep cleansing and healing.

These healing techniques can be applied through multiple avenues: in person session including Jin Shin Do, via phone, or through online interactive video conferencing.

For more details or to schedule a healing check our webpates: http://mayactr.org/Healing/

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